How to Install Single Press Lock (Purse Lock) by Ning Bags
This bag lock is one of our premium bag hardware that available at Ning Bags shop only. This lock has a single release at the bottom and its design makes it very easy to use. The lock is great for any leather, PU or structured handbag, and the opening edge of the lock can accept any finished flap edge up to 4 mm thick. 



Before starting to install this lock, please make sure to compare the thickness of your bag's flap edge with the opening of the lock plate. If your material is thicker than the opening, trim out any stabilizer or interfacing in the shape of the lock. Be careful to do this precisely and the edge of the lock will blend seamlessly with the thicker material surrounding it. The lock plate should fit tightly and firmly after being slided over the flap edge. 

***The following instructions show how to install the single press lock on wool. You can also use these directions to install the lock on other stiff or heavy weight fabrics and leather. ***


What you need:

  • Single Press Lock Set
  • A small screw driver size (+) #00x20mm
  • Awl to punch screw holes
  • Fast drying glue
  • A small sharp scissor (to trim the edge)
  • Seam ripper
  • Marker / pencil / pen (to draw and mark positions of the hardware on your bag material)


Installation Instructions:

A: Installing the Press Lock Plate

1. Locate and center the position that the lock will place on inside of the bag flap

edge. Draw trim lines in a rectangular shape (1.5 inch x 1/2 inch) as shown in the photo. 

2. Top stitch close to the trim lines to reinforce.

 3. Use a sharp scissor to precisely trim away the edge along the trim line. Be careful and do not cut through the stitch lines you just created.

4. Slide the lock plate over the flap edge. The back of the lock plate faces towards you and is on the back side of the bag flap. Make sure the lock plate fits into the flap edge firmly and tightly. You will see 3 tiny screw holes on the back of the plate. Use a pen or marker with a pointy tip small enough to go through these holes to mark their position on the bag flap.

5. Remove the lock plate and use an awl to punch 3 screw holes. Make sure each hole is not bigger than the screw. Carefully apply glue on both sides of the flap surface around the rectangular trim edge where the lock will be positioned.


6. Carefully slide the lock plate over the flap edge and finish this part of the installation by screwing it into place.

 B: Installing the Hook

1. Installation of the hook is same as installing a magnetic snap with prongs. Position the hook into the lock plate that you just installed and close the flap down to fine a position of the hook on the front bag. Mark a position that the hook will go. Place the washer (provided in the set) onto the marked position and mark the position of two prong lines.



2. Remove the washer and use a seam ripper or small scissor to carefully cut openings along the marked position of prong lines. This will create little slits to install the hook.

 3. Insert the prongs through the slits from the right side to the wrong side of the fabric. On the wrong side of fabric, slide the prongs through the washer and use pliers to bend the prongs flat down. And you are finished installing the Single Press Lock.

That's all. You're done. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.