How to Install a Magnetic Snap Closure to Your Bag

Applying a magnetic snap closure is very easy. Basic tools you need to help install magnetic snaps are a small scissor, seam ripper, pencil, and pliers and just follow these following steps. 

Installation Instructions 

1. Place a washer on the wrong side of your bag material, center it horizontally, and mark 2 positions of the prongs.


2. Use a seam ripper to cut an opening where the prongs will go through the material. Keep the slits as small as possible.

3. Insert the prongs through the slits from the right side to the wrong side of the material.

4. If your bag material is made of fabric or very thin light weight, cut a square of thick fleece, felt or interfacing and make two slits for the prongs to support the snap again. This will make your snap more secure and tight..

5. Slide the prongs through the metal support and use pliers to bend the prongs toward the center of the snap and you're finished installing magnetic snap for one side. Repeat the same process for the other side of the magnetic snap.

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