How to Install Bag Twist Lock / Purse Turn Lock / Bag Flip Lock on Your Bag

To secure your bag's contents, a sturdy closure is a must. Twist Locks or turn locks are another popular choice of handbag closures. They can add  a beautiful touch and a professional look to your bag easily. Installation is very easy and you can apply this instruction to all any other twist locks, flip locks or turn locks as well. 

 Basic tools you need 

  • screw driver 
  • marker pen 
  • fast drying glue
  • small sharp scissor
  • seam ripper ​

Installing the Eye Plates

​1. Use a magic marker pen and ink the rounded side of the back side of the front eye plate. Mark all areas including the lip and outer side of the screw holes.

 2. At the back side of your bag flap, center and mark a position that you would like to put the plate on. Then press the plate (from step 1) at the marked position with your finger by turn the inked side of the back plate onto your bag flap. This will create an imprint of the back plate on your bag flap.

3. Cut a hole along the lip line using a small sharp scissor. Be careful when cutting the hole. It should not be too big or too small otherwise the twist plate would not be secure. At this step you can also stitch along the lip line before cutting the hole out to hold the bag flap layers together and be easy to cut the hole. 


 4. Carefully apply glue on both sides of the flap surface around the trim edge where the lock will be positioned. Insert the lip part of the front eye plate to the hole from the right side of the bag flap.  


5. Turn the bag flap over and assemble the back eye plate over the round rip and screw hole.  



 6. Screw the two eye plates together and you're finished installing the eye plate part



Installing the Lock Button 

1. Find the position of the lock button on the front of your bag body by aligning the flap that already has installed the eye plates. Mark the lock button position through the hole in the twist lock plate on the main bag body.

 2. Take the lock button and press the prongs into the bag body on the marked position from the previous step. Mark the position of the two indentations created by the prongs.



 3. Use a seam ripper and carefully slit into the prong marked position. Slide the prongs into the right side of the bag, then slip the metal washer over the prongs on the wrong side. Press the prongs down with your thumb. 



You are finished!


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