How to Install Metal Trim Edge Bar by Ning Bags
This metal edge bar has a beautiful design and will definitely add a wonderful touch to your bag project. Installation is very easy without special tools! The bar is built to use on a finished flab edge of the bag.
**Before using this metal trim edge, please make sure your bag flap edge has been designed to match the shape of this hardware.
You can find this beautiful Metal Trim Edge Bar at our shop online. It's now available in shiny nickel and beautiful gold finish. 

What you need: 

-A small (+) 1x20 mm screwdriver
-Awl or puncher to make screw holes
-Fast drying glue​​

Installation Instructions:

 1. Position and mark the location of the hardware on your bag flap. Use the back plate of the hardware as a guide and align it along the edge of the bag flap (inside). Mark all three screw positions with a pencil or marker.
2. Punch the three screw holes at the marked positions.
3. Carefully apply fast drying glue on both sides of the flap in the area where the hardware will attach. Immediately attach the front and back plates of the metal edge bar onto the bag flap. The front side of the bar is on the front side of the flap and the back plate faces inside.  
4. Lock the two plates together with the provided screws and you are finished installing the metal trim edge bar on your bag flap!