Installation Instructions

What you need:

  • A small (+) 1x20 mm screwdriver
  • Awl or puncher to make screw holes
  • Fast drying glue​​
  • A rubber tip hammer 
  • Pliers

 Installation Instructions

 1. Take apart the grommet plates by removing the small screws. The back grommet plate has 2 threaded holes and will be on the inside of your bag, while the front plate without these threaded holes will be on the outside of your bag.

 2. Determine the initial position of the plate by aligning the back plate with your bag, leaving about ½” from the top edge. Use a fabric pencil and trace the inner opening of the plate onto your bag fabric to help you in the next step.



3. Use a magic marker and ink the rounded raised lip of the back plate.

 4. Press the inked back plate into the fabric with your fingers to mark the correct grommet position on your bag.  Also mark screw positions at this time.


5. Carefully cut a hole along the marked raised lip line using small sharp scissors. Be careful when cutting the hole.


6. Assemble the grommet by screwing the two plates together. You can use dry glue to bound between the plate and your material before assembling the two plates together to make the plate stay in place. Make sure the pin hole on the plate is positioned toward inside of the bag.


7. Carefully slide the ring into the inner opening of the grommet. 

 8. Insert the first pin into its hole on the back plate side. Then turn the grommet over and pull the other pin into its hole on the front plate side. 




If the ring opening is a bit too small to slide the pin into the hole, use pliers to open the ring wider (see the Installation Hints below). If the ring opening is too wide, use a rubber tip hammer to close the ring up and the pin will sit inside the hole sturdily.


Installation Hints 

 If you have a problem that the ring opening is too small to allow to the pin to slide over to the hole. You can fix this problem by opening the ring a bit more by using pliers (please look at the photos below). Position the plier in the opening of the ring same as the photo and force the ring open as indicated direction. Then it will be easier to slide the pin into position, and if it's now too loose, you can use a rubber tipped hammer (or some other form of protection) to close the ring back up. ​





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